Engineering Highlights Raph. LW1

4WD Rally

The new Raph. LW1 is unapologetically designed to be the most capable rally-oriented car ever made for the road. It is engineered for prodigious speed – both straight-line – jumps and drifts– with total driver control. That doesn’t mean one has to be uncomfortable.


The Raph. LW1 features a new, racing-inspired and very compact instrument screen with communicates also with the original tellers. The screen is mounted directly right from the removable steering wheel without curlywire. The new 7-inch is extremely compact but it contains all the information the driver needs in a neat, logical layout.

Computers & Data

Programmable Motec M130 computer delivering total control without compromise a high performance processor with large logging memory communicates via an ultra-light bespoke canbus system.

Carbon & Alcantara

The interior is swathed in luxury materials – leather, alcantara and carbon fibre. The sport bucket seats are built around a carbon fibre seat shell, resulting in a seat that is both extremely light and comfortable. The seats can be finished in the customer’s choice of leather or alcantara, with an almost endless variety of colour and contrast options.


High-quality technologies can be found in the air-cooled 3.8-liter boxer engine with 450 hp and 490 Nm. One-piece, 3D-printed airboxes give the engine the wright amount of cool air to create a monster.


A lightning-fast sequential close ratio six-speed 4WD gearbox. This transmission took 18 months to develop by Australian company Holinger, that made it match flawlessly with the monster powertrain. Controlled drifting or fooling around a track is a piece of cake, thanks to the hydraulic brake.


Normal craftsmanship can’t even come close to truly equal lengths. CAD design can, but is useless if the production is done by hand. Celeritech developed an all CNC unique process so they can guaranty the manifold and exhaust system are exactly equal lengths.


The clear focus on performance, however, does not mean drivers find themselves in a spartan interior though. 18-carat gold details in the rev counter and emblems on the dashboard give the interior a touch of luxury and customers also receive a set of customized, handmade, matching leather bags.

Brakes & Wheels

Only 1 wheel is possible on this lightweight and these are the original magnesium Porsche wheels, strong and lightweight. The titanium drive shafts make it complete. In collaboration with Brembo we have used the 2.1 kg calipers from the WRC Rally Cars. All 4 wheels have an equivalent setup of discs and calipers. Ultimate braking power!

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